Fearless innovator with extensive experience building diverse teams and sustainable software. Specifically intrigued by complex problems and defined by consistent resilience to find creative and pragmatic solutions.


Recent Work

Programmatic Planning


Media Planning tool for agencies to plan programmatic buying. React - Redux

This project uses a security encrypted API implemented to interpret front end requests to database and modular react components meta programmed for easy reusability throughout product



Realtime Ad Insights for TV. React - Redux

Optimizes data visualization filters with simple algorhythm for cross-page usage and models clean infrastructure for how to structure front end applications, allowing company to iterate on products easilty in the future

Rough Life

Github Live

JavaScript game employing HTML5/Canvas to play Conway’s classic game of life.

Optimize rendering of 10000 rectangles using fast lookup hashmap to store data. Implemented constantize custom methods based on user input.

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